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Stavební činnost

  • Construction work

  • Sports objects

  • Sports ground

  • Paved surfaces

  • Fire seals

  • Core drilling


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HILTI Sealers are primarily used for all penetrations and joints in buildings and building complexes, which could spread flames and smoke. When using the maximum packing occurs HILTI prevent the spread of fire, smoke and possible damages shall be limited to a minimum.

Quality systems HILTI seal was confirmed in the CR and SR ISO 9001 certificate

Modern diamond cutting technique offers many advantages that facilitate and simplify the implementation of alterations or demolition, in many respects.

  • high-precision cutting and drilling
  • minimal material removed
  • easy disposal
  • do not produce shocks and vibrations
  • low noise and effort
  • cooling water can be exhausted
  • apertures ranging from 8 mm to 400 mm
  • technique performed HILTI